Have Designer Jeans Won Most Accolades In The Fashion World?

Jeans refer to trousers that are made from denim. The authentic pvc outdoor blinds melbourne blue jean was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in the year 1873. Initially, jeans were the sturdy trousers which were mostly worn by workers, especially in factories during World War II. But, as fashion took its effect on the global society, jeans became the most sought after dress material in the world. According to a web release by CNN Money.com, denim is a $ 15.8 billion industry with low margins and soaring profits. The report also states that the number of departmental stores and other buyers shopping for women’s denim has jumped up 72%, and the buyers for men’s denim rose 35% in last 5 years.

Designer jeans have managed to defy the barriers of a downturned economy. As designer jeans remain to be hot picks throughout the year, the manufacturers of the stylish garment manage to enjoy good sales return even when the world economy is trying to revive. The sales of premium denims have jumped 20% on a unit basis on the first quarter of 2008, forcing more trading concerns to join this sector.

Gone are the days when $1.25 could buy you a good pair of Levi’s – this was the price back in 1873 when Levi Strauss sold his creations. But, now-a-days, a pair of designer jeans can cost upto $1000. If it’s calculated, it would reflect a surge of 79,900% from the humble days of Mr. Strauss. The encrusted and bejeweled denims would cost you even more. A Hugo Boss’s trademark creation may dent the wallet. At the same time, a pair from Dolce & Gabbana encrusted with Swarovski crystals may end up costing a fortune.

In simple terms, designer jeans are high-fashion denims, which sometimes may feature names or logos on the back pockets and on the right front coin-pocket. Some of the recent additions to the popular list of designer jeans are:

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