Get the Eligibility to apply for RBI payment gateway license

The PCI DSS certification or PCI bulk sms certification is provided by an independent certification body who only provides once it’s sure that you can provide security to the card of consumer’s data. In short, you only get certified if you’re capable of maintaining the confidential data of the consumer, confidential. Getting the certification is the trickiest part of becoming eligible. But you can do it. All you need are security experts and hire them to work on the data security part of your payment gateway. Their contribution will ensure that your gateway is PCI DSS compliant. 

15 Crore is a lot of money. As someone who is yet to see more than few Lakhs in his life, I suggest that you reach out to your friends and family for money. Or, you can ask for a financial aid. That being said, you shouldn’t opt for a payment gateway license if you aren’t capable of maintaining a 15 Crore net worth. Even if you barely can, your net worth can go down and when it does,  Reserve bank of India would cancel your license. So, how to get the right funding to get the net-worthy.

We should tell you right from the get go that there isn’t any magical formula that doubles your net worth. What you can do is market yourself from the start and integrate your payment gateway at all the necessary portals. Just when your business is ready, you can integrate your payment gateway in shopping portals, billing portals and other places. Yes, you would need to sign an agreement with all of them,

Becoming eligible to apply for payment gateway license in India. And the requirements to even ensuring that your business stays afloat is not easy. But none of that should stop you. Our team of accountants and payment gateway license experts are always ready for your help. but that’s a legal pain you need to go through if you’re planning a difficult business endeavour. 

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