Xbox 360 Halo Edition – Superior Gaming Technology

Xbox 360 Halo Edition Console is custom designed as a leaner machine which boasts built-in Wi-Fi allowing users to connect more easily to the entertainment world. The creative designers of this unity development services practically gut the earlier formats and started from a blank canvas to integrate more body features, human-like faces and brand-new graphics to provide the players with a real-life feeling while they are enjoying the game.

The following are some of the features that you can expect to find on this Xbox 360 Console:

  • Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi to allow users to enjoy a much faster and simpler connection to Xbox Live entertainment in order to stream HD TV shows, movies and download games.
  • Internal and detachable 250 GB hard drive, which provides more space to store games, HD TV shows, music movies and various other Xbox Live material when compared to the earlier models
  • Additional connections, which include 5 USB slots for more storage options and accessory and built-in optical audio port to provide an easier connection to an A/V receiver.
  • Two Special Edition wireless controllers, which are exclusively built to complement the console and provide exact control from as much as 30 feet away.
  • One month Gold membership for Xbox Live, which enables easier access to HD TV shows and movies with unlimited subscription to Netflix, online chat, downloadable games, exclusive online material such as game demos and more.
  • Brand-new multi-player fight modes which incorporate invasion to allow players to battle with the Elites and Spartans. This also helps players to sharpen their expertise during competition to get rankings and bragging rights.
  • Black headset to communicate with other users on the internet and also have interaction with the voice activated games

Basically, this new technology is surging ahead with the future creation of audio, animation, artwork and special effects in Hollywood style. In addition, the wireless controllers and console is custom-designed with inspired artwork by Halo Reach, which makes it the ideal item for Halo and Xbox enthusiasts.

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