What Makes Modular Housing Affordable Housing?

The sales of Steel Prefab House homes, in fact, are now growing at a more rapid rate than those of traditional homes, and in the northeastern United States modular home affordable housing accounts for one-tenth of the housing construction market. The demand for modular home affordable housing has also risen significantly in New York, North Carolina, and Michigan.

Why Modular Homes Are So Affordable

A modular home is constructed from several sections, or “modules,” pre-assembled at a sanitary, climate-controlled manufacturing facility and then shipped to a building site to be joined to a pre-poured foundation. Because these modules are produced in a clean interior environment, the materials used in them are at no risk for weather or vandalism-related damage.

The materials used in modular homes are purchased at bulk discount rates, and are shaped and cut with computer-controlled tools so that there is minimal waste in the module assembly process. The economic efficiency of their manufacture is only one major reason why modular homes are affordable housing.

Because the modular home sections arrive at the building site with nearly all the work normally done by construction specialists already completed, they can simply be crane-lifted from their shipping trailer onto the waiting foundation, where they are joined with to which they are joined with special fasteners. Because the modules are precision cut, they fit together so tightly that the finished home will be virtually draft-free. This is another reason why modular homes are affordable housing.

Modular homes also make affordable housing because the time it takes between their leaving the factory and being ready for a family to move in is usually a matter of weeks. While getting the modules crane-lifted onto their foundation and secured usually take a only a day or two, finishing the home will take two or three weeks, depending on its size.

But the entire modular home building process, from the time you select and order your model of home, to the time you spend your first day in it, is usually around three months. This abbreviated completion time makes modular homes affordable housing in a way that conventional homes, which take six month to a year to complete, will never be.

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