Training for Microsoft Office 2010 Could Never Have Been Easier

As Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise sales increase, so does the need for training. Since Office 2010 is only a recent release, we have not yet seen much in the way of training for this product on the market. However, with training providers increasingly upping their competition and trying to keep up with the transient technologies, there’s bound to be a great amount of study material available in the next few coming months.

For those companies who have paid out for volume licensing and SA, training is covered as Microsoft bequeaths you with an added bonus e-learning resource, so that you can train all your members of staff in the latest of Microsoft technologies without paying out additional costs.

Companies without volume licensing and SA have to resort to finding their own training resources. Microsoft Office 2010 like its predecessors has a ‘how to get started’ function, which teaches you some helpful tips and beginners basics. However, it is not for everyone as those who are not already familiar with the technology may not understand the ‘ins and outs’ that the tutorial delves through. It is not for the traditional book learner either, due to its learning format.

So where else can businesses turn without volume licensing and SA turn to? Currently available are a number of free guides (e-books) on Microsoft Office 2010, which study the changes and upgrade paths that 2010 has to offer. However, they are difficult to find online, so you may have to ask the experts on how to find it. Microsoft’s website also has some information on 2010 in the Support Section, mainly on what the product can actually do.

Another option is computer based training. Computer based training offers your staff an easy way to update their Microsoft skills as they can learn in their own way and in their own time. The training covers:

-A preface to Microsoft including an introduction to the revised Ribbon,
– A look at the file formats updated in Office 2007 and carried over to 2010,
– An overview of the spanking new features common to all the Office 2010 applications,
-A study of the brand new features which are particular to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and OneNote; and
– A look at the new and improved web applications available to Microsoft Office 2010.

Computer based training will take you through every part of the new and improved Office 2010. It focuses not only on the new accessories but the improvements and adjustments made too. Moreover, computer based training will share the knowledge as well as the ‘know how’ enabling you staff to be able to do the tasks required.

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