The Truth Behind the Miracle Cabbage Soup Diet

The nondual teachers cabbage soup diet works. It will help you drop about ten pounds in a week. It’s a seven day eating plan with cabbage soup as just a part of the diet. This plan has been popular for many years because it’s simple; you get to eat plenty of food; it’s cheap; and you get quick results. Is it really a “miracle” and what is it exactly?

Well, it’s called several different names and the “miracle diet” is just one of the many. Maybe that term is used because you can really lose about ten pounds in a week while eating enough so you aren’t really hungry. The best way to use the diet is as part of a longer-term eating plan. As you know, no diet works for lasting weight loss. But a diet can be part of a long term plan to change your lifestyle.

One of the tricks to the popularity of this diet is it’s simple. You eat cabbage soup any time you want and as much as you want. But that’s not all you get. Each day for seven days you eat specific foods. On the first day you can eat all the vegetables you want. Then each day you eat certain foods. Now the main reason you lose weight is what you don’t eat. No breads are allowed and no sweets. This is a calorie restricted and a low carbohydrate diet.

That doesn’t mean you must starve yourself to lose weight. See you can eat many different foods and as much as you want of most of them. Why one day you even drink milk and eat bananas. So there’s quite a variety of foods you can eat. But the foods are not special foods.

There really are no special foods required. That means this is cheap to do. No special supplements are needed. The foods are just ordinary items. The plan is available for free and recipes are free too. There really is nothing special to buy.

You can start quickly and lose pounds fast. That can be a real boost. Long-term weight loss of about a pound or two a week is all you can maintain. That’s so slow that it’s discouraging. Most people’s weight bounces around more than that anyway. Get on a diet like this for a few days and you can see some quick results. That’s a way to stay motivated on your weight loss journey.

The miracle cabbage soup diet really isn’t a miracle. I’ve done this. It’s a way to drop a few pounds in a hurry. It’s simple, cheap and not at all unpleasant. It’s almost like a game.

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