Searching For a Wedding Photographer

When wanting to find a shortlist of wedding Corporate Headshots NJ in your local area there are many search methods you could choose to employ. The three main methods are:

Local Printed Directories. These printed directories have become a firm favourite for any one needing to source out a local business, be it a plumber to fix your broken boiler or a painter and decorator to give your walls a fresh lick of paint. Several local wedding photographers will still choose to advertise in such business directories and hence they will prove a useful starting place when searching for a wedding photographer. However as a photographer myself, over 90% of my enquiries now come from my online marketing exploits so don’t be surprised if your choice is a bit limited. It’s also impossible to tell just from browsing a few black and white adverts how good the photographer actually is. OK so they may have been in business since 1884 but what if anything does this tell you about the quality or style of their work? All serious photographers these days will have a web site so at the very least check this out and see whether their claims stand up to closer inspection and more importantly whether you actually like their work! Many photographers I know don’t even bother advertising in printed directories anymore so do be aware that you may be missing the photographer of your dreams if you only employ this method.

Internet Based Searches. Any photographer serious about their profession in this day and age will have a web site and will pay considerable attention to their online presence. Therefore, just like when searching for any other local business, a quick browse on your favourite search engine will no doubt give you a massive choice of potential photographers. Try typing “wedding photographer yourlocation” into Google or whatever engine you choose and you should be presented with a selection. If you happen to live in a location that doesn’t have a great deal of photographers, like certain rural areas, then you may need to broaden your search to a local city or large town. Some photographers may appear in the ‘sponsored listing’ area but do also make sure you check out some of the ‘organic’ results listed underneath, as you may be overlooking a few great photographers that just don’t subscribe to search engine advertising. Wedding photography doesn’t come cheap so be sure to check out as many photographers as you can be bothered with, even if that means going onto page two or three of your results. Although by searching in this way you’ll be sure to come up with a long list of potential candidates, be mindful that as with the printed adverts you will again have little way of knowing how good and ultimately reliable the actually photographer is. However it is an excellent and quick way of drawing up a shortlist of some people you like, if only based on style.

The Personal Recommendation. Maybe the ultimate solution to finding a good reliable photographer is through word of mouth. Talk to any one you know who has recently got married and ask them their honest opinion. Would they recommend their photographer and would they use them again? Bare in mind though that wedding photography comes in many shapes and sizes so the beautiful traditional pictures that Auntie had shot may not be in a style that you would ideally like for your big day. Budgets for wedding photography vary widely too, your friend may have had the funds to pay for that top flight photographer but your budget may be considerably tighter, so be realistic. Again, don’t forget to check out the recommended photographers web site to be sure that they meet your exacting requirements and also do be aware that there may be an even better photographer shooting locally in style that you adore but you friend simply simply never discovered them.

Overall try to employ a mixture of search techniques and therefore keep your options open as a result. There is no right or wrong way to find a good local photographer but do remember that you wedding day will be stressful enough without having to worry about whether or not the photographer has captured those ‘special moments’, so don’t rush such an important decision. A little bit of effort now will pay dividends later as a good wedding photographer will not only help your day go smoothly but will also supply you with the physical memories you can enjoy for many many years to come.

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