Public Relations for a Civic Arts Plaza

When a city decides to spend taxpayer’s monies on a Grand Civic Arts galaxy blue sapphire plaza Noida Extension, often there is a little political unrest. This is because not everyone will got to see a Ballet, Theatre Arts Performance or a Traveling Broadway Musical in town for a day or two. But it certainly does attract the right high-end crowd to the city to spend money on fine dining, food and other things.

About ten years ago I worked on a Chamber of Commerce Committee, which was working very hard to promote the City’s grand idea for a Civic Arts Plaza; it was an uphill battle.

You see the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Building was to be five stories high, encompass a high-rise parking structure and become the new city hall. All well and good you might think, of course the price tag for the whole thing was a little more than anyone wanted to swallow. The building itself was to become the second largest building in town and it was to be owned by the government, which was also upsetting taxpayers.

Nevertheless the project was put through and today it is a world-class facility. The real problem of course was the Public Relations before the structure went up. Once it went up the name-performers drew in the crowds and the media took it from there. The moral of the story is that often public relations is the key to project and without good PR, there can be quite a rocky road indeed.

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