Miami Beach Is A Town in Southeast Florida

top residential architects in Miami Beach is a well-known city in Southeast Florida and a popular tourist destination. It is situated on a 7.1 square mile island where millions bombard its white sandy beaches year in and year out. Recently, Miami Beach is seen as more than a place to get a good suntan, it is an entertainment mecca for the wealthy and those who choose to wallow in the lap of luxury.

Miami Beach is rated the top City Beach in Southeast Florida. This world-class beach is adorned with palm trees, fine promenades and trademark hotels, and the landscape is dominated by high-rises. The refurbished Art Deco Historic District is now known as the heartbeat of Miami Beach, where fashion models and movie stars frequent. This has been a designated area for the shooting of movies, magazine covers and TV ads.

Many have been lured to Miami Beach through its lucrative condo market. Miami condos for sale on this prime piece of real estate boasts of high-rise towers with killer views of the Atlantic Ocean. Miami condos have been plentiful, but in this stabilizing economic climate, they are selling fast. One might wonder what all the fuss is about. Well, you just have to see it to believe it!

You will find a Miami condo in constructions that consist of the top notch amenities found at any 5-star resort hotel. The difference is that people not only visit, but they actually live this alluring lifestyle everyday. There are so many shops, restaurants and nightlife near a Miami condo for sale that offer a choice of non-stop activities. The socialite as well as the homebody will never spend an idle moment.

There are several spectacular properties to be found on Miami Beach that allow for the best luxury living experience that caters to both individuals and families. One of those properties is the Sunny Isles condos which are a string of condominium constructions designed by expert architects that know what high-end living requires. You won’t have to lift a finger with full service amenities that are inclusive of a concierge to fulfil your every desire and whim around-the-clock. Stay fit and fresh when you take advantage of the spas and state-of-the-art fitness centers inside your condo complex.

A Sunny Isles condo in Miami Beach almost always offers sunny sky views, plus a city full of a diversified meshing of cultures. As a trend-setting arts and entertainment venue, Miami Beach is a lively area where you can enjoy the outdoor cafes, and shopping along Ocean Drive and the surrounding streets in the Art Deco Historic District. There is something for everyone in the neighboring locations from the ocean to the bay.

Among the Sunny Isles properties, one is known to be outstanding in the Acqualina Resort & Spa. Visitors of the Acqualina have been thoroughly impressed by the incomparable services rendered that made them feel like royalty from the beginning to the end of their stay. Huge, gorgeous rooms and highly trained staff that offer quality customer service is common-place amongst these condo properties in Miami. This kind of lifestyle makes for the sharing of precious memories that last a lifetime.

Other Sunny Isles properties that deserve notable mention are the Jade Beach and Jade Ocean condos. These condo complexes are Miami’s most recent accomplishments. They both offer dramatic entrances with lush landscaped gardens and reflecting pools. The ultra luxurious penthouse living spaces can be accessed from security-controlled, high-speed elevators. Both properties are equipped with “Smart Technology” that does everything a butler would do and more.

Most every budget can be accommodated in obtaining Miami Beach real estate. Large condominiums and luxurious villas allow for panoramic views of the ocean, while beachfront homes and townhouses are available to accommodate the modest budget-conscious family. Home values in Miami Beach range from $235,300 upwards to $1,145,100. The high-end buyers of South Beach and Millionaire’s Row consider Miami Beach as the ideal real estate destination. The property tax rate of some of the more affordable homes in Miami have not seen an increase in over a decade. Million dollar properties have been recently purchased by the well-to-do global elite clientele.

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