Launch your crypto exchange platform like Localbitcoins

Localbitcoins clone script is a secured and white-label clone script that helps to start your own p2p crypto exchange platform like 如何買比特幣. We osiz offers the best LocalBitcoins clone script which is the 100% replica of the LocalBitcoins exchange platform that contains its existing features and functionalities. Our local bitcoin clone allows you to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies on the crypto wallets both online and offline modes.

Why to start a crypto exchange platform like Localbitcoins?

Localbitcoins is one the best crypto exchange platform that supports multiple payment gateways to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies instantly all over the world. So, launching your own platform like LocalBitcoins will be one of the best business plans. To launch your platform instantly, get expert advice.

Major features of our Localbitcoins Clone Script:

  • 100% bug-free source code
  • Build with the latest technology stack
  • SEO friendly Website design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile-Friendly Pages
  • Cross-browser compatible Website
  • User-friendly CMS Dashboard
  • Secured Escrow crypto wallet
  • Multi-crypto support
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Liquidity API
  • Auto-Matching Engine
  • Cryptocurrency price ticker API

Security features of our Localbitcoins clone script:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Login guard
  • Reputation system
  • Escrow security
  • HTTP authentication
  • Data encryption
  • SQL injection prevention

Where to get the best Localbitcoins Clone Script?

I would recommend “Osiz Technologies” – A leading cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers the best LocalBitcoins clone script with 100% bug-free functionalities that helps to start your own crypto exchange platform like Paxful instantly with better quality. We develop all kinds of crypto exchanges such as centralized, decentralized, and hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platforms. And also provides the clone for popular crypto exchange websites like Binance, Paxful, Wazirx, Kucoin, and more. Contact us today and get a FREE consultation regarding your crypto exchange business.

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