Is It Safe To Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Today, many people are concerned about exposing themselves and their children to potentially hazardous Pressure Washing Service agents. People may wonder, “Is it safe to have my carpets cleaned?” The answer is yes, but to have the best – and safest – carpet cleaning experience, it helps to keep some key facts in mind.

Is carpet cleaning safe? The most important thing to remember is that carpet cleaning is generally considered safe. There is no clear-cut evidence of a link between cleaning chemicals and certain illnesses. In many cases, in fact, cleaning your carpets can actually reduce the symptoms of certain illnesses, such as allergies and asthma. For example, frequently steam cleaning your carpets may help reduce the presence of dust mites that cause asthma and allergy flare-ups, according to the Mayo Clinic. All that said, many people choose to hire a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly products with fewer chemicals.

Is there a connection between carpet cleaning chemicals and Kawasaki disease? There have been media reports linking the use of chemicals to Kawasaki disease, a rare illness that involves an inflammation of the body’s blood vessels. The condition mostly affects young children and can contribute to the development of heart disease. However, according to the Kawasaki Disease Foundation, there is no scientific evidence that proves that the disease is caused by exposure to cleaning chemicals or other toxins.

Is green cleaning safer than traditional carpet cleaning? While there is no definitive evidence showing that green carpet cleaning is definitely safer than other cleaning methods, some people may feel more comfortable taking this more natural approach to cleaning their carpets and rugs. Steam cleaning your carpets, for example, generally involves fewer chemicals and less detergent than other cleaning methods. When choosing a cleaning specialist, ask if they use green cleaning methods.

Is it safe to clean my carpet if I’m pregnant or have a baby? If you are concerned about the possible health effects of cleaning chemicals, it may be best to choose an Eco-friendly or green carpet cleaning option. If you have specific concerns about your health and cleaning chemicals (or other cleaning chemicals), talk to your doctor, who can advise you on the best course of action.

I’ve heard that carpet stain repellents contain dangerous chemicals. Should I be concerned? Some people are concerned that perflurochemicals, which are used in stain-resistant carpet, spray-on carpet stain repellents and non-stick pans, among other applications, are toxic to humans. In 2000, 3M, a leading manufacturer of stain repellents for carpets and upholstery, changed the formulation of Scotch guard, its stain repellent product, with the goal of making it safer for both people and the environment. Research regarding the safety of these chemicals is ongoing. In the meantime, some people prefer to avoid products containing perflurochemicals.

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