How Do I Know If the pH Miracle Diet is Right For Me?

The pH a course in miracles Diet has been described as one of the most exciting eating plans in today’s world of dieting and nutrition. The pH diet claims that it can restore the natural balances in your body if you follow the program. Not only will you loose weight but you will also rid yourself of numerous ill-health conditions. In addition to losing weight, problems such as indigestion, painful muscles and tiredness will become a thing of the past.

Most of the low carb diets on the market let you consume huge quantities of protein, which in turn lead to other problems. The pH alkaline diet consists of alkaline foods like fruit, grains, vegetables and some vegetarian protein sources. As the human body has a slightly alkaline pH, eating these kind of foods can help support and maintain the pH balance. Too many people eat wheat, dairy products and animal protein that are acidic.

Dr. Robert Young who created the pH miracle diet, says in his book that excessive acidity in the body is the main cause of many people’s problems with their health. He blames health problems like arthritis, muscle pain, leg cramps, excess mucous production, nasal congestion, frequent infections, colds and headaches, dry skin and hair, stress and anxiety on the excessive intake of acidic foods.

Are you suffering from one or more of the above-mentioned health problems? If you do, you are eating too many acidic foods. Dairy products and animal protein all have high levels of acid. You should seriously consider giving the Alkaline diet a try.

The acid alkaline balanced diet will bring relief to many who have been on low carb diets and who have seen little or no results. The foods prescribed on this diet are easier to digest than all those heavy proteins of the low carb diets. The protein to carbohydrate ratio is better balanced because the proteins used are selected for their acidic level. These proteins consist of foods like beans, nuts and alkalizing tofu.

Vegetarians will simply love the pH miracle diet. This diet does not include any meat and goat’s milk is the only alkaline dairy product allowed on the pH miracle diet. One of the mainstays of a vegetarian diet is tofu and it also plays a major role in the pH miracle diet.

If your normal diet includes lots of processed foods and only a small amount of vegetables, you will benefit from an alkaline diet. Processed foods contain very little natural nutrients. It can affect your health adversely and you will end up suffering from malnutrition even if you feel that you eat enough. The pH miracle diet focuses on fresh foods and vegetables that will put back natural minerals and vitamins into your diet. Even by adding just a small amount of foods that are alkaline will have a positive influence on your overall health.

This healthy diet fits the lifestyles of different types of people and that is why it is so successful. If you recognize yourself in any of the above-mentioned scenarios, you should seriously consider the pH miracle diet and improve your health by starting to eat the correct foods.

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