Healing Miracles – Beyond the World of Logic and Rationale

From the early times of the witch acim and magic potions to the New Age realms of biotechnology and DNA sequencing, there were and indeed still are those who believe that disease and sin, repentance and cure were all connected and those who never believed in the concept of sin or punishment in the first place.

Though Science, the big bang theory and Darwinism totally contradict the mainstream religious ideologies and what religious texts have to say about creation and life on earth, it is not unusual that we are also compelled to witness spectacular healing miracles like at no time before. The media and the internet in particular have played a major role in bringing many wonderful miracles close to us, sometimes even making us wonder if it is all being staged, for personal gain and the ultimate gratification of a ‘spiritual healers’ alter ego. However, miracles being a world wide phenomenon are hard to dismiss out of hand but again are equally difficult to prove, except for and by the ones who have experienced miracle cures, who stand as witness, glorifying the power of the universe and the illustrious ever loving God within.

While miracle cures might not always be true as claimed by the ones that are instrumental in bringing about various online energy healing services, there are also others that make little claim or none at all. In any event it is still fascinating and shocking to discover that miraculous healing in life is indeed possible even in circumstances where the science and technology of the time cannot offer a universal panacea. Overall, the testimonies of the cured and the healed are sometimes the only means to really know about those instrumental in delivering quality cures or even about the entire healing miracle process itself.

People who have lived in wheel chairs for years spontaneously getting up and walking away, people in comas, cancer patients and others suffering from incurable diseases often find miracle healing at the last moment. People undergoing emotional trauma suffered from a past experience are today finding outstanding spiritual healing and emotional healing services readily available. Overall it has become an everyday occurrence that is witnessed and experienced by those who seek real and speedy changes from life situations that previously they had very little control over. Patients with serious ailments who have been on their death bed and for whom doctors had given up all hope of survival, have experienced healing miracles and ultimately stand witness to the what they have experienced. There are also people who have experienced healing miracles that helped them out of an addictive habit like smoking, drugs or alcoholism. The testimonies that one comes across in day to day life only confirms this power of the God within, which rational and logical science cannot explain with perhaps the graceful exception of quantum physics. People have gone through complete and awe inspiring transformations and this is all due to the power of healing miracles.

Only those who have experienced a miracle in their life know about the complete shift in awareness, attitude and being from what they were some time ago. With these kind of healing miracles, the change is instantaneous and can be felt with immediate effect in an utterly convincing way, from how you deal with your emotions, to how you regard and treat others, and your own family, or how you do your business it offers a complete 180 degree turnabout in your life.

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