Getting Into Pharmacy Schools in California and the 3 Big Tips

If you’re interested in getting into a buy hgh online france school in California you should know all of the pharmacy schools located in CA. This way you will have all of the options presented to you.

California has the biggest pre-pharmacy student population of any state in the US. Competition in getting one of the coveted seats in pharmacy school in CA is extremely cut-throat and downright ugly at times. Pharmacy is a great profession with many career options. This makes it a very attractive profession. However, although many people feel that they deserve to get into pharmacy school, many will be on the other side looking in. An admission to pharmacy school, like any other health professional school, is going to be difficult. So below are ALL of the pharmacy schools located in California as of this writing.

1) Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy

2) Touro University College of Pharmacy

3) University of California – San Diego School of Pharmacy

4) University of California- San Francisco School of Pharmacy

5) University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

6) University of Southern California School of Pharmacy

7) Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy

Now the 3 big tips in getting into a California Pharmacy School are:

1) Do well in your classes. Since no California schools require the PCAT, the GPA is going to be a huge factor.

2) Know all of the requirements needed for admissions. The best way to attain this information is either by going to the school’s website or by going to Pharmcas.

3) Make sure that you establish contact with the pharmacy school of interest early in the application process.

All of the California pharmacy schools participate in Pharmcas except for Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy. There’s a new pharmacy school that are currently accepting applications for their first entering class of 2008. For this information and a FREE PCAT Study Guide and other great advices, tips, and insider secrets.

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