Get ready for the NFL – Teasers and Special Teasers.

If you don’t know what a Teaser or and Special Teaser is and if you look for it on Google for sure you are going to get a lot of different odin99 about what we are not trying to explain here, because we are not going to talk about a movie teaser or some sore of teaser campaign or something like that, this teasers are specially use for sports and to be more specific the ones are related to sportsbook type of bets, Teasers are one of the most popular bets within the sportsbook industry and mainly when talking about Football (and basketball), and with only 15 days from Kickoff, is important you get to know some of the sportsbook Teaser options you have and how to take advantage of them.

Teasers is a type of sportsbook bet that allows the players to move the lines of the bettors in their advantage, the bettor can move the sportsbook point spread or total up and down from the given line on two or more different games, this bets will provide you a lower amount of winnings but a great advantage if you know how to play them right and if you take the correct lines to win against the spread.

The Regular Sportsbook Teasers you can select from a 2 Team Teaser up to 8 Team Teaser and that will depend on the sportsbook you get your lines from, and the whole deal about the teasers is that you can choose to move your sportsbook lines on football 6, 6 ½ or 7 points from the line you are given at your sportsbook, this will give you the advantage if the point spread is to high you can lower it; if you are taking the favorite or you can increase the points if you are choosing the underdog, this is why you can get a better line and a higher opportunity to win the sportsbook bet.

For example if you are taking a 6 points 2 team sportsbook teaser and you picks are New england Patriots at -7 (favorite) and Denver Broncos at +3 (underdog) on two games, what happens is that the line on the Patriots and Broncos is going to change because you are adding 6 points to the spread, so in this case the Patriots line will move to -1 and Broncos will change to +9 (adding 6 points), you can get a great sportsbook advantage because will be easier for Patriots to win for more than 1 point than from 7, and Broncos can either win the game or loose by less than 9 points and you will win the bet as well.

Of course there is a lot to cover about this topic, but you can find as well some special teasers, that will provide you a higher amount of points; like for example with JazzSports Sportsbook, they have and Special 4 Team Monters Teaser special for the NFL and NCAA season that is about to start that can give you up to 13 points on the spread or total, the juice may be higher but the sportsbook odds can be on your favor if you take the right picks.

So if you are looking for some sportsbook action with the NFL season about to start, not mentioning College Football, then you better take a closer look at this sportsbook betting options, get some more information about it and have fun.

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