Escort Passport IQ Radar Detector Review

The Escort Passport IQ is the newest product in Find incall service from them line of great products. Escort has made a revolutionary new product that has topped sales since the release date. The IQ has combined the functionality of a fully functional window mounted GPS with the protection of industry leading radar and laser detection.

To start off, the IQ a typical window mounted GPS unit. Navigation and destination setting is effortless using the five inch LCD touch screen. The map is easy to read and destinations are easily found by the use of highlighted roads, street names, and voice navigation. The GPS screen will also display the posted speed limit on the road being driven, providing a constant reminder of changing speed limits.

The GPS feature also provides ample warning of speed cameras, red light cameras and well known speed traps. When approaching a red light camera or speed trap, the IQ will voice alert to the upcoming threat.

As with other Escort detectors with the GPS feature, the IQ will learn locations of false radar signals such as automatic doors and traffic drones. This is especially helpful for city driving, where false alerts can become a nuisance. With other radar detectors, every detected signal will be recognized and alerted to, whether it is a false alarm, or an actual threat. With the IQ, the GPS will learn the location of every false alarm, and automatically ignore the signal. If an actual threat does appear in the location of the false alarm, an alert will sound and allow the driver to slow down.

A great improvement over other detectors is the windshield mount. While many other detectors come with a relatively weak suction mount, the IQ comes with an extremely strong suction mount. This mount will withstand temperature changes and hard bumps in the road much better than typical mounts found on other models by other manufactures. This is great because the risk of an expensive electronic device falling off of the windshield is greatly reduced.

Although the IQ is a great device overall, some detection features are lacking. The radar detection platform used on the IQ is not Escort’s newest or most sensitive hardware. This is due to the slim and compact size, and other hardware inside the casing. The IQ will lack in quick radar burst detection, and long range will suffer. Laser detection is also low, so pairing the IQ with a laser jammer will greatly reduce any chance of a ticket.

The Escort IQ radar detector is overall a great radar detector and GPS unit. The industry changing design and concept will surely influence other radar detector companies to include new hardware in order to be competitive against this great device. For anyone needing a GPS unit as well as a good radar detector, the Escort IQ is definitely recommended.

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