Cling Mounted Stamps – The Good, the Bad, and the Choices

Rubber how many stamps do I need have been around for generations without much innovation or alteration in their design. Until now that is. The world of rubber stamping has finally been updated with a 21st century spin, the cling mount stamp. Cling mount stamps are used in the same manner as traditional rubber stamps except they do not come permanently pre-mounted on a wooden block. Cling mount stamps have two sides; one side has the raised image that holds the ink for stamping and the other side is coated with a repositionable cling surface which holds or mounts to a piece of acrylic which replaces the wooded block.

Cling mount stamps have a lot of benefits over traditional wood mounted rubber stamps. One of the best bonuses is the lower cost of cling mounted stamps with stamp sets selling for a reduced price compared to traditional stamps with more stamps in the set too! They are more compact for storage often being packaged in a thin plastic bag or DVD case which makes owning and organizing multiple stamp sets a breeze; unlike the days of trying to find suitable storage for bulky and various sized wooden blocks. With the cling mount stamps positioning the stamps exactly where you want them is a dream because you can see the stamp through the clear acrylic block so there is no more guess work about the exact position of the image under a wooden block; I know most of you have experienced a stamp that was not mounted quite right so the stamped image was slightly off where you wanted it to be. The cling mount stamps clean up the same way as your traditional stamps so you can continue using your cleaner of choice. Finally, you can make collages of images or use a block the size of your card and positional the stamps at once and only have to stamp once making sure that each card has the images in the exact same position.

The new and innovative world of cling mount stamps is not without its flaws. The stamps do not come with a mounting base like traditional stamps where it is all one complete unit which means that you will need to purchase acrylic blocks for your stamps. The blocks can seen costly at first but it is important to remember that you do not need to have a block for every individual stamps since you remove the stamps after using them; ideally you should have a couple acrylic blocks in sizes you use a lot so that you can stamp with multiple images without having to remove them in between depending on the project you are working on. Some cling mount stamps do not hold the ink as well as others with the ink pooling and pulling off parts of the image producing a spotty or streaked stamped image. Also, if you are short on time this type of stamps might not suit your needs because you will need to take the time to mount each stamp, remove each stamp, and then put the stamp and block away separately.

There are a couple choices when it comes to choosing the type of material the stamp is made from, plastic or rubber. The material the stamp is made from impacts image quality. I have used both the clear plastic and rubber cling mount stamps. The winner in my book is the rubber cling mount stamps, like those by Stampin’ Up, because they produce the same quality stamped image that we are all accustomed to with our traditional stamps. Some of the plastic cling mount stamps look great and promise wonderful stamped images but do not deliver, including the sets by The Stamps of Life, the ink does not hold as well resulting in a streaked image.
Overall I believe cling mount stamps are a wonderful addition to the world of stamping and paper crafts just consider your needs and the quality of the stamp material. Shop around, have fun, and get stamping!

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