Can the PH Miracle Diet Prevent Cancer?

Dr. Robert Young who created the pH david hoffmeister mexico diet says we should stop thinking of cancer as an illness. Cancer is also not a mutation of the cells in the body. According to Dr. Young, cancer can be described as acidic liquid that spills into the cells, tissues and organs in the body. These metabolic acids build up in the blood and are then released into the tissues where it causes cancer.

Nothing in life happens without a cause and according to the pH miracle diet books, cancer is a direct result of systemic acidosis, more commonly known as sepsis, which occurs when the pH levels in our body falls below 7.0 (the desired level being 7.4). Anything below 7.0 poses a threat to our health.

The cells in the body use food to produce metabolic acids. These acids are normally expelled in the form of sweat and urine. However, as a result of the acidic foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead, our bodies are unable to function normally and thus it cannot produce the energy necessary to get rid of excess acids. The acids are stored as waste and interrupt the normal functions of the cells.

Metabolic acids are first stored in the blood and from there they are transported to the tissues. If these acids stay in the tissues, they can cause the tissues to become cancerous. Cancer can also be described as acidic metabolic liquid that pools in the body. The acid affects the surrounding cells and keeps spreading to other cells. Although the cells are not changed as such by the acids they now cannot function normally. Dr. Young states that there is no such thing as “cancer cells”; only normal cells that are flooded with too much acid.

Tumors, which can be described as a lump or swelling are formed in areas of the body where the deposits of metabolic acid and the accompanying effects on the cellular function become out of control. By forming tumors, the body is attempting to stop the spread of acidic cells to other parts. A tumor can be seen as an indicator of where the body is collecting abnormal metabolic acids. Many families have a history of, for instance, breast cancer. This is as a direct result of a genetic inclination to collect metabolic acid in certain places in the body.

Tumors in themselves are not the problem; they can be seen as signs of something going wrong in a certain part or parts of the body. When cancer starts spreading, it means that the acidic condition of the cells are spreading to other cells, thus making them acidic as well.

Cancer does not just happen by itself. We get cancer as a result of the foods we eat, the liquids we drink and also as a result of our unhealthy lifestyles. If we focus on leading a lifestyle that includes lots of alkaline foods and can eliminate or lessen stress from our daily lives, the chances that we will get cancer are virtually non-existent. On the other hand, a lifestyle filled with bad habits and huge amounts of acidic food will result in the build up of excessive metabolic acids that can lead to cancer.

If we take these facts into consideration it may truly mean that cancer can be prevented and treated. Cancer patients can use these guidelines to try and reverse the effects of cancer and to prevent it from spreading in the body. The amount of alkaline foods could also differ considerably from that taken by a person who is just trying to improve his or her overall health. If they follow the steps set out in the pH miracle diet, they should be able to reduce, control and eventually get rid of the cancer in their bodies.

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