Best Internet Shopping – Is It Safe, Is It Secure?

I would say it in just two words: safe and secure. In internet bestshoppingshop this are the only things you need to check when buying a product. Of course the quality of the product will still count, but nothing works if you don’t have clear this priorities. Then, the question “Which are the best internet shopping places?” translates into “Which are the safest internet shopping places?” And to answer to this, I’ve written this article!

I am not going to make a list of best internet shopping places because it would be terribly long. Fortunately, the main part of places where you can buy are properly protected against internet fraud. On the other hand, what I am going to do is to tell you a couple of things you should check about a web-page before providing with any credit card numbers.

The first thing you need to do is to look for the famous picture of the closed lock or unbroken key that should appear in your browser window, normally down at the right side together with the name of the site. This is one thing that proves that your numbers will be only seen by your merchant and by the credit card provider and nobody else.

The second you need to do to know if a site is within the best internet shopping opportunities is to look for the beginning of their website address when you enter the payment page. If this page begins with “http” then you are not at the right place. Instead, if it begins with “https” this is a sign that the transaction will be effectuated in a secure way.

Finally, there are many websites that before entering a secure page use a pop-up with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) message indicating that you are about to enter a secured website and all data you introduce here will be protected from externals.

On the other hand, to select the best internet shopping opportunities you must understand that the supplier must be reliable. Nothing will work by showing the card numbers to only your supplier, if it is this supplier the one who is committing fraud, because your card will be charged and you will receive nothing at all in return. A good idea is always to look for telephone numbers or a physical address that can confirm you that this business exists. If you still doubt and you have a telephone number, give them a call and ask them any question. The idea is just to check that they exist, so don’t worry a lot about the question!

After all, a final recommendation. There is one shopping mall on the net that puts together thousands of stores online verifying first that all them make payments through a secure website and are proven businesses. And even more, if you join them through certain links you will get free travel certificates just for registering for free!

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