A Do It Yourself Guide to Changing a Door Knob at Home

This is a simple guide to changing a damaged garage door opener replacement santa rosa ca knob at home. Carpenters charge by the hour and you also have to wait in line for them to have time to come and do what you need. Follow these simple instructions and you can get rid of that bothersome door knob that sticks or does not work anymore in a few minutes without breaking a sweat. This guide applies to standard knobs which are found all over your house, if you want to change the front door knob, well, that is a different story which we will deal with on a separate article.

The first thing to do is to go out and get the new door knob, pick the one you like even if it is different to the ones you already have around the house. The mechanism in all of them works in much the same way and their fit on the door is standard. You will need a flat and a Phillips screw driver ( the Phillips screw driver is the one that has a round, star shaped tip) and maybe a small hammer. The process of changing the door knob is simple and easy to do because all you will be doing is exchanging one for the other.

The first thing to do is to break open the new door knob and make sure all the necessary parts are there. You will find a list of them on the instruction page. Once you are sure the set is complete it is time to take the old one apart. Open the door and using the Phillips screwdriver remove the two screws holding the door closing mechanism in place. This is the metallic piece that sticks out of the door and is drawn inside the door when the knob is turned.

Now take a look at the side of the door that does not have the lock, the one that is on the inside side of the door.

Look at the base of the knob, close to the door itself, and you will see a small hole with a little separation inside of it. Take a key like piece of metal that is included in the new doorknob set and put it in the small hole prying it open. Pull the door knob out as you pry the hole until it comes out completely. You will have removed the decorative part of the mechanism and the operative part will be exposed.

Against the door itself you will see a round piece of metal which is held in place by two large screws, remove these screws all the way. Once done you will now see the inside of the wooden door and the part of the doorknob that goes through it. Push the opening and closing mechanism on the front of the door and at the same time pull the remaining piece of the door knob from the outside, it will slide out easily leaving a hole that goes through the door. Once this is done, take the opening and closing mechanism and slide it out the front of the door too.

Now you have to reverse the process, place the opening and closing mechanism through the front of the door, make sure the flat side of the mechanism looks to the side to which the door opens. If the door opens outwards the flat side should look outwards too, if it opens to the inside the flat side should look inwards. Now slip in the cylinder through the door knob hole while holding the opening and closing mechanism pushed in so that it fits into the space provided for it in the door knob cylinder.

Find the two large screws and the metal cover that go on the inside and screw it in place. Make sure it is tight but not overly tight. Test this by tuning the outside knob, the opening and closing mechanism should retract without resistance. Now put the screws on the opening and closing mechanisms, again do not over tighten them, test the door knob again, there should be no interference or resistance.

The operative mechanism is in place, now it is time to finish the decorative part of the installation. Take the decorative plate that covers the mechanism and slip into place until it locks. Before putting in the decorative door knob, lock the door and try the key without actually closing the door. The door should lock and unlock without major pressure or resistance. If it works properly, close the door and lock it, try the key again. If there is resistance or it is hard to open, loosen the screws on the front or on the cylinder supports just a bit, one or two turns should do it, try the door again, it should be okay.

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