7 Key Things Sub – Contractors Must Check Before You Sign That Contract!

OK, I accept that this sounds really Concrete Contractor Sherman Oaks CA but how much do you actually know about the organisation that you are getting into a contract with? More importantly will they be around to pay you when the time comes?

There will always be other factors to take into account when deciding on whether or not to enter into the contract. Not least of which, will no doubt be your workload at the time. It is obviously much easier to be selective in times of plenty.

Being willing to place an order with you is only one small part of what you should be looking for in a relationship with a customer. A customer that is likely to become insolvent, or who can’t or won’t, pay is worse than no customer at all and a customer who takes too long to pay, makes unreasonable reductions or sets off money unfairly, could turn out to be your worst nightmare!

You cannot rely solely on the apparent size of the customer. Not all large companies pay their debts on time and some national contractors are the worst payers of all.

If you have worked for an organisation before, then you will have a pretty good idea as to whether or not they pay on time or are quick to make deductions or raise set-offs.

However, don’t assume that because the Manchester office of XYZ national contractor is a good payer, the same will apply to the Bristol office. A lot will depend upon the particular circumstances within that company and within each branch. Whether things go well, may come down to your relationship with individuals within an organisation rather than the inherent culture of the organisation itself.

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