Should I Really Be Worried About the Physical Effects of Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are used to enhance performance, the question is, should you be concerned about the physical effects of steroids? There is no perfect steroids for sale, they all have side effects. Women who are taking steroids find that they make a marked difference in muscle size and strength. They also give women that lean, muscular look. Females only make 0.3 milligrams of testosterone a day compared to adult males who produce 7 milligrams a day.

Men taking steroids are overloading themselves with testosterone. They will experience feminine side effects, like breast enlargement. Their pituitary gland tries to correct the imbalance of abnormally high testosterone by shutting down the body’s production of it. Men’s testes shrink and sperm production is reduced. Infertility can occur, lasting up to six months after stopping. There may be a risk of becoming permanently infertile if taken at high doses over a long period of time, according to some researchers.

Another side effect of steroids for both sexes is acne. The anabolic steroids increase the oil gland secretions in the skin and acne outbreaks can be severe. Another effect is hair loss in the scalp for both men and women. Women’s scalps get thin all over and men experience male pattern baldness.

There remains some uncertainty about the long term health problems resulting from steroid abuse. There is a lack of scientific data but according to certain case studies done users have experienced heart and liver disease and prostrate problems. There have been cases of toxic effects on the liver. Liver tumors may be an increased risk, which is very serious. They can rupture without warning and cause severe internal bleeding and death. The physical effects of steroids are many and varied and should be taken seriously.

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