Designer Costume Jewellery A Wonderful Accessory

The origins of Jewellery start way back in ancient times when our ancestors used to wear animal bones, pieces of wood and wooden beads around their necks, ears and arms. Costume Handcrafted Jewellery has in fact been around for hundreds of years and over this period of time it has been constantly renovating and reinventing itself. This is due to the changing fashion trends and cycles.

Early costume jewellery was mass produced and its purpose was to supply the masses. This meant that there was not too much attention paid to making elegant and beautiful pieces of jewellery, and they were merely cheap alternatives to fine, high-end jewellery. By the Art Deco period the way costume jewellery was made started to change and more importance was placed on design and the look and feel of the jewellery. 

During this period Coco Chanel began making costume jewellery and it was marketed as an essential accessory that would complete your outfit. Their range of designer costume jewellery was made to match the colours or style of their designer clothes. By using straight lines the defined the jewellery, designer costume jewellery soon became as appealing as well as elegant as its high-end luxurious counterparts.

By the 20th century designer costume jewellery had started to be influenced by popular designers like Dior, Chanel and Napier, to name just a few. In the 1960’s Kenneth Jay Lane was one of the most influential designers that had an impact on costume jewellery and he created some of the most unique and eye-catching pieces of costume jewellery for the celebrities of the time.

Designer costume jewellery is now worn by celebrities all over the world, not only in movies but for special occasions and award shows. Designer costume jewellery is now extremely hard to distinguish from the real thing and it for this reason that stars of the silver screen have been seen wearing costume jewellery and carrying them off. Some designer costume jewellery is now considered collectable with its value increasing over a period of time. What is being worn today as costume jewellery may well in a few years time be considered as vintage and will become valuable pieces of jewellery.

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